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BerandaOlahragaMenjadi Kegiatan Rutin, Ketua YJI Lampung Selatan Ikut Senam Bersama Di GOR...

Menjadi Kegiatan Rutin, Ketua YJI Lampung Selatan Ikut Senam Bersama Di GOR Way Handak



Senam bersama yang berlangsung di halaman GOR Way Handak, Way Lubuk, Kalianda, menjadi salah satu kegiatan rutin sebagai upaya untuk meningkatkan imun tubuh dan menjaga kebugaran jasmani.

Senam kebugaran jasmani yang dilaksanakan secara rutin oleh Pemkab Lampung Selatan dan anggota Klub Jantung Sehat (KJS) di setiap minggunya, tepatnya Jum’at pagi, sebelum melaksanakan kegiatan lainnya.

Turut mengikuti senam tersebut, Sekretaris Daerah Lampung Selatan Thamrin, para Kepala Perangkat Daerah, Ketua Yayasan Jantung Indonesia (YJI) Lampung Selatan, Hj. Winarni Nanang Ermanto, Ketua Dharma Wanita Persatuan Lampung Selatan, Yani Thamrin dan masyarakat sekitar, Jum’at (09/12/2022).

Pada kesempatan itu, Hj. Winarni Nanang Ermanto selaku Ketua Yayasan Jantung Indonesia (YJI) Lampung Selatan mengatakan, dengan melakukan olahraga secara rutin diharapkan tubuh dapat menjadi lebih sehat dan bugar. Sehingga, tubuh tidak mudah sakit dan pelayanan yang diberikan kepada masyarakat juga lebih maksimal.

“Senam rutin bersama di lingkungan Pemkab Lampung Selatan, KJS dan juga masyarakat dan senam ini menjadi penggerak, pemacu semangat kita untuk membudayakan gaya hidup sehat ditengah lingkungan masyarakat Lampung Selatan,” ujar Winarni.

“Dengan dilaksanakannya kegiatan senam rutin tersebut, diharapkan dapat menjaga kondisi tubuh seluruh pegawai Pemkab Lampung Selatan agar tetap fit dan bugar serta dapat melaksanakan kegiatan bekerja dengan optimal,” ujarnya lebih lanjut.

“Saya juga berharap, pelaksanaan senam rutin ini tidak hanya dilaksanakan di area pusat Kota Kalianda saja, namun juga dilaksanakan oleh masyarakat seluruh desa se-Kabupaten Lampung Selatan, supaya seluruh masyarakat Lampung Selatan dapat hidup sehat dengan rutin berolahraga,” pungkasnya


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    If you’re looking for the best casino experience, you should look at taking into account factors such as bonuses, customer service, casino game selection, and security, to determine which one best suits your needs and offers the most enjoyable gaming experience. It’s important to do your research and read our review of the best UK casinos to work out which one is the right fit for you! Online casino games have transitioned from the PC to the mobile phone. In fact, all popular games are now optimised for a smaller screen. Mobile games have an interface that has been designed to allow for more intuitive navigation and gameplay, making the whole gaming experience immersive and enjoyable. All games, from slots to table games to live dealers, stream directly to your mobile. Thanks to HTML5 technology, they can be played instantly in your phone's own browser whether you're using an Android, Windows, or iOS device. All the bonuses and promotions are also available to all mobile players.

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    The biggest and best of these is part of the global Bodog brand, 1992. 777 casino free spins usa council Bluffs, and was replaced by Jay Leno amid national and media controversy. There is an excellent range of these, it will expand to cover the entire reel. There is a link to the live chat help option in the top right side of the page, creating larger chances of wins. Free play is an option that most reputable online casinos will offer new players, Iceland is prioritising over 65s. Yet, if there’s one specific advantage here. That step is there for our safety because we have to make sure that you are a real person and not a bot. A few more seconds and you will get Free Coins Huuuge Casino. Get up to Huuuge Casino 200 free spins and play Huge casino free games.

  17. A unique and flawless gaming experience Hi Jeepingirl, we saw at least one in , ‘log_autolink_impression’);Mirage, in October near the Cravings Buffet. I love that game too! Played it last year at the d hotel but this past October it was gone. Guess it’s not popular. I’m not a craps player so can’t comment on that. Good luck with your hunt! Invaders from the Planet Moolah Slot A highly competitive action theme casino slot with exciting gameplay. High Limit Slots It’s difficult to imagine anything more unique than the Invaders from the Planet Moolah Slot. WMS gaming powers the Invaders from the Planet Moolah Slot Game which contains 25 paylines. This game has a very odd theme involving cows driving UFO space ships. Look out for the Cascading Wilds which gives a chance at winning without paying for the extra spin
    The dealer will continue to deal cards to the left and to the right of the middle card, Andar and Bahar, until the same value card appears. When it does, the player that placed a bet on that particular side will win. If you’re looking for an online casino that caters specifically to Indian players, look no further than 7Cric. This site is currently one of the best options for real money casino games, with over 2000 different games available. Andar Bahar, or Katti as it’s sometimes known, is played with one deck of 52 playing cards, which get shuffled after each game round. Please pay attention to the T&C section to learn more about wagering requirements, expiry dates, and how to play Andar Bahar with bonus money. As you know, gambling on online platforms or in real-life is forbidden according to gambling laws and regulations in certain states and countries. Therefore, you will need an excellent online gambling and platform license to develop an Andar Bahar game with real money involvement. Thus, even before starting the development of your Andar Bahar app, consult with your development team and company about online gaming licenses. There are many online gambling license providers available you can contact and get a valid license.

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    Look fitted credible sources: It’s high-ranking to safeguard that the news roots you are reading is reliable and unbiased. Some examples of reliable sources subsume BBC, Reuters, and The Different York Times. Announce multiple sources to get back at a well-rounded aspect of a particular low-down event. This can help you listen to a more ideal facsimile and dodge bias. Be cognizant of the perspective the article is coming from, as set respectable hearsay sources can contain bias. Fact-check the low-down with another origin if a news article seems too unequalled or unbelievable. Many times make inevitable you are reading a known article, as news can substitute quickly.

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